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tv   Action News  ABC  September 20, 2014 11:30pm-12:06am EDT

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player. these storylines, it's one a after another. now, the ball goes back to another true freshman, inexperienced quarterback in deshaun watson with the game tied on the road against the number one ranked team in the country with six minutes to go. >> chris: hit in the backfield. demarcus walker in to replace mario edwards, makes a big play. >> kirk: he's been getting upfield quite a bit, chris. and one time it cost him. this time, he just shoots. he saw gallman coming from the opposite side. he's looked at it all week in practice and he knew there's a chance that his responsibility that when they give the ball in the jet sweep, take it away. and he did. now, the crowd is a big factor. >> chris: watson back to throw. delivers across the middle -- low. catch made. peak went down near the turf and
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collects a huge first down gain. >> kirk: what a throw and again, these florida state linebackers, this time, it was reggie northrup, number five -- >> chris: hmm. >> kirk: great, great effort there by peak. >> chris: you would think they'd look at that. >> referee: ruling on the field was a catch. >> chris: we've had some close replays tonight. burden of proof -- this crowd got a look at it on the board, they don't think it was a catch, but they're a little biased. do the hands go under the ball here? >> kirk: it looks like a catch to me. >> chris: don't see enough there to turn it over. >> kirk: here's a good look. >> chris: it's close. his hands are really right on
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the ground. >> kirk: this is another good look. >> chris: does that football hit the ground, though? that is very close. >> kirk: based on all the looks we've seen so far, i think his fingers are under the football. >> chris: probably not enough to overturn it. >> kirk: oh, yeah, absolutely. whichever way it would be called on the field, based on what we're looking at -- >> chris: i don't think it's indils puttable. >> kirk: no. i don't think so. >> chris: tiger receivers -- >> referee: ruling on the field stands. it's a catch. first down. >> chris: how about the catch by mike williams to set up the touchdown and now that one by peak. >> kirk: all the focus is on, did he catch it or did he not? what's missed is, you've got deshaun watson back there with the entire stadium coming down on top of him, the defense
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coming down on top of him, and he makes a big throw against his own end zone. >> chris: quarterback keeper. chased down. chris casher got him. >> kirk: casher and also walker, mario edwards out, marcus walker has had to step up. we've seen casher -- great pressure ability. he's been making plays out in space. long and lean at 6'4", 250. he and walker both on the edge here. >> chris: still hasn't made a big play with his legs tonight. delivers over the middle. incomplete in traffic. third down again. they need seven this time.
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challenging p.j. williams in a big spot. >> kirk: this is where you look for match-ups either against safeties or linebackers, if there's one-on-one coverage. charles kelly, the defensive coordinator for florida state, he's an aggressive coach. he likes to mix up looks on third down. he likes to bring pressure. let's see if they bring pressure here to try to attack the clemson offensive line and get off this quarterback. >> chris: they do bring pressure. off the edge. watson -- hit as he throws. got it away. had a man open but couldn't come up with it. jalen ramsey was charging towards him. >> kirk: i was just going to say, look out for jalen ramsey. remember lamarcus joyner last year? how many times did we see him fwli blitz from that very spot to cause problems for clemson? he forces watson to get the ball out of his hands very quickly.
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if he was able to hold onto it a little bit longer, maybe he had a chance for a first down. great time to bring it for kelly. >> chris: now, another rugby punt coming up from pinion. the rashad greene is going to back pedal. another excellent punt, pinning the noles deep. 4:11 to play. sean maguire goes back to work. ten years, sponsoring the good hands field goal nets, allstate making contributions general scholarship funds. for exfield goal and extra point kicked. $3.4 million since 2005 in scholarship funds. sean maguire, a moment that you dream about if you're a quarterback. a rough start. harassed, hit, but a much better second half and now a tie game with 4:10 to play.
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and the nation's longest winning streak on the line. >> kirk: 21 of 38 for 305 yards after the way this game started in the first half. >> chris: 74 of them on the long completion to greene. spunning for a first down. hey, that's a huge running back play for florida state by their start ands. >> kirk: you can almost field the energy in the stadium and the momentum on the field changing the in the last couple of series, chris. it just feels like florida state's offense is gaining in confidence and this clemson defense, which has been the aggressor most of night, is more on their heels here these last couple series. >> chris: trichs to cut it back. hit for a loss. ball comes out. no fumble. remember, this is what happened to this defense against georgia in the fourth quarter. they vowed to finish this time. to not get worn down. >> kirk: that's exactly right.
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and that time, we talked about them being on their heels. how about the big fella, 6'2", 325 pounds. you see mario pender is coming over to be looked at it. >> chris: he's bleeding from the mouth. >> kirk: big, big collision. crawford's there, sets the edge and then you see the linebacker, stewart gets in there. but it was the big hit by greeter, like we said, over 325 pounds that hits the much smaller mario pender, only 190. >> chris: so pender out. williams in. this is cook. talented true freshman, first carry of his career against the citadel. >> kirk: who knows how this game is going to end, but should give sean maguire a lot of credit for what he's had to deal with this whole week and the way this game has unfolded. kid's shown a lot of toughness to be able to withstand everything that he's had to deal
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with, not just from an x-o standpoint, but the pressure to step into the leadership role. give his team a chance with 2:30 to go, tied up 17-17. >> chris: third and 11. got to be very careful with your decision-making if you are maguire here. tigers rush three. fired over the middle and it's picked off. overthrew the receiver. going to give clemson good field position. run out at the 26, again, trying to make a play, forcing over the middle. >> kirk: he forced it over the middle. a timing route. just when we talked about, it's been that kind of night, up and down for maguire. over the middle, high and when you throw it over the middle high -- it's not going to work out. and this receiver, bobo wilson, only 5'9". but he sails it overtop of him and again, there's another clemson safety waiting. we saw the interception earlier.
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this time, it gives clemson really good field position here late in this ball game. >> chris: pick six, win over south carolina state. gives watson a chance. remember how shaky the field goal kicking has been. on the edge -- finally that's the most productive run watson's had tonight. >> kirk: what you said about the field goal kicking. if you and i are thinking about that, everybody at home watching, everybody in the stands, you know dabo swinney is thinking about that. with two minutes to go in the game, it's not just about, hey, let's get it in field goal range. let's get to the middle of the field. let's try to put it in the end zone and not have the to worry about the mindset of a field goal kicker. >> chris: they've missed 2 of 3 tonight. watson gets the snap. and it is davidson who has the
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first down, ball comes out. seminoles jump on it. turnover, florida state. >> kirk: eddie goldman gets his arm in there and i think he knocked that football loose and nate andrews jumped on top of it. the big man, eddie goldman, the playmaker, right in front of you, number 91, watch his left arm. he gets his hand on it. knocks it look. and the aggressive florida state defense pounces on the football to get it back to sean maguire. >> chris: how many mistakes. how many squandered opportunities for the underdog tigers tonight, if they don't come out with a win, it will be -- maguire says, wait a minute. my pick is not going to cost us the game? >> kirk: that's randy sanders, his quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator. boy, what an emotional night. emotional week for florida state. >> chris: they're reviewing
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this. >> kirk: that's definitely a fumble. >> referee: ruling on the field is confirmed. first down, florida state. >> chris: they've gone deep, deep into the game would a turnover. >> kirk: you have 1:36. you've got a quarterback that's been a little shaky, up and down. remember, you got one of the best field goal kickers in the country with three time-outs, with a head coach that prides himself in these kind of situations. be shocked if they just sit on it and go into overtime. >> chris: you kick it? >> kirk: i think so. you give your quarterback some easy throws, some throws that he has confidence in. >> chris: can he get it 46 yards? 1:36 and three time youments to pl play with. williams hammers straight ahead. crowd beginning to -- not too sure that fisher is going to go for it here. >> kirk: if he ends up doing this, it speaks voms about two
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things. the confidence that he has in the quarterback that's playing tonight and the understanding that his kicker versus the clemson kicker is going to give him a huge advantage in overtime. >> chris: he just said slow down, doesn't he? >> kirk: he wants to go to overtime and take his chances with, you know, with the field goal kicking, the clear advantage for florida state. >> chris: there's a big difference, though, in this game, and it's 5, not 10. if you have winston out there, they're going for it. >> kirk: i talked about the pride that jimbo fisher has, just item tells you how rocky been with maguire out there. it's not his fault. he's just inexperienced. >> chris: he's done some good things. i think you're right. there's been that bad decisions made, the throws over the middle. too risky. inside of 25 seconds and we're
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going to go to extra time here in tallahassee. huge for the acc atlantic division. the chances to win the conference title. the number one ranking. perhaps -- perhaps down the road, a spot in the playoff on the line. going to take a time-out with 11 seconds to go. when we're done here, there will be lots to talk about in the ford wrapup after the game with robert flores. >> kirk: it's been eventful tonight for some of these scores that have come in, too. >> chris: it's a milestone for dan mullen and the bulldogs in baton rouge. and now we go to overtime. and clearly, florida state has an edge in the kicking department. but which offense is in better shape? >> kirk: think about the red zone tonight for clemson. think about, we'll look up the numbers just to be clear, but
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they've been twice inside the 5 yard line. came away with no points. so, i think dabo swinney, he's got to come up with a way to get his quarterback, deshaun watson, able to attack and be aggressive. but i think the reason jimbo fisher has decided take this thing into overtime, has everything to do with the way his defense has performed in the red zone and also with the way the kicking game has gone tonight. he'll take his chances. >> chris: that's it. we've played 60 minutes. overtime coming up at doak campbell stadium. five fingers in the air. back after this message and a word from your local abc station. you post it? done. how many people are coming? lots. yeah! i got it. done. done. what up! let's do this! sending you some money... thank you. done.
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>> chris: about to have the coin toss. for overtime. winner of the toss always elects to play defense first. how bittersweet for cole stoudt who started the game at quarterback, played three series before watching his replacement, sent out as a captain for the coin toss. >> kirk: that's a tough one. but still being a leader for this team. >> chris: each team will get at least one possession from the 2r5 ya 25-yard line, of course, until a winner is decided. >> referee: the winner of the toss will have the option of defense, offense, end of the field. what is your call? >> tails. >> referee: clemson has called tails. it is heads. offense, defense, end of the field. >> defense. >> referee: you want defense. this end of the field? turn your back here. first down, clemson, 25 yard line.
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>> chris: seminoles win the toss. the tigers will get the ball first. all the controversy, all the plot twists this week in tallahassee and it comes down to this. two quarterbacks who had very, very little meaningful experience coming into tonight, going to lead their offense to an o.t. win. >> kirk: see if clemson, who has been inside the red zone tonight six times. they had a couple touchdowns, a field goal, but two missed field goals and a fumble. a couple times they were down inside the 5 yard line, came away with nothing, so -- we'll see how they perform in this overtime period. let's see if they give deshaun watson a chance of throwing the ball vertically. down inside the red zone. look for some match-ups, one-on-one match-ups. he's going to get a lot of man-to-man coverage in this part of the field from florida state. >> chris: going with d.j. howard, replacing davidson who
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fumbled at the end of regulation. play action. watson. dumps it off in traffic on the near sideline. initially had williams running a post. >> kirk: and it was open. i think the florida state linebackers, all night, have had a tough time in coverage. i think their eyes are mesmerized on deshaun watson. and it's leaving a big vacancy behind them in coverage g about that 10 to 18-yard range over the middle of their defense. there's been some big, big holes. >> chris: another throw on second down. pressure. grabbed. dropped for a loss! first sack of the night for the seminoles and it's eddie goldman who got him. >> kirk: eddie goldman ends up getting the sack, but it was really the coverage down field. watson's looking off to his right. he gives up on the route.
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starts to try to make something happen. but it's great coverage this time for the noles and there's eddie goldman in overtime and he's not giving up. >> chris: all the field goal troubles tonight, extra urgency for this third and 14 play. humphries in motion. watson dumps it off on a screen. choice has room. down near the marker. mow a decision to make. he's short. outside the 15. do you kick the field goal or go for it? >> kirk: the way their kicking game has gone tonight, you go for it. you try to do it with tempo. i wouldn't even hesitate. >> chris: offense on the field. >> kirk: how about that? how about that play? and a really good effort that time by the freshman to keep his balance after he made that catch. >> chris: choice has made four catches tonight, none bigger than that. that's bradley pinion.
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he's their punter and long distance field goal kicker, but it's been a rough night for ammon lakip, who has missed two of three. >> kirk: this was the first series. and i think that -- that really started to weigh on him emotionally. and then he ends up pushing one to the right. and then we saw him later with a towel over his head and just despondent, almost, over there. >> chris: the thing is, a tall kicker. 6'6" junior, from north carolina. >> kirk: he's the punter, but he is also their long distance field goal kicker, so -- >> chris: tonight, he is also their short distance field goal kicker. >> kirk: again, i think you go for it. you're playing the number one ranked "d" on the road. remember, short yardage has been a problem for them. but if they go under center, are they going to do the shotgun snap. a quarterback sneak would be the safest play. looks like they're going to be back in the shotgun. >> chris: fourth and goal. if the noles get a stop, all
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they need is a field goal to win it. choice, the freshman -- hit short! swinney gambled, but the noles defense makes him pay. >> kirk: and guess who made the play on the right side? eddie goldman. watch the push here and the effort in overtime by eddie goldman. gets the push. and getting his hands on it and letting the linebackers, northrup and smith, clean it up. it's the push into the backfield by eddie goldman. you see both of those guys, northrup and smith, cleaning it up. casher in there, as well. sure praised by that play call. >> chris: the seminoles just need a field goal kick from one
11:53 pm
of the best ever to do that. williams, though, breaking free. karlos williams barrelling down to the 11. maybe they won't need the kicker. any score wins it. tiger defense really has to dig deep here. williams again. cuts it back. karlos williams headed for the end zone. the seminoles survive!
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and the winning streak stretches to 19. outplayed much of the night on their home field, fisher and the seminoles, once again, make enough plays. defensively and offensively, to
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break clemson hearts one more time. down tom rinaldi with jimbo fisher. >> tom: chris, thank you. jimbo, how do you describe tonight? >> we know how to win. we know how to win. this team has resolve and it has guts. they didn't play their best. have its best player but sean maguire did a great job. knock defense did a tremendous job. unbelievable crowd, the kids and the guts they had. they know how to win. >> tom: you recover the fumble, you play for overtime. why did you make that decision? >> three time-outs, your odds of doing something crazy or there. we have the best field goal kicker in america. >> tom: how do you describe sean maguire's performance? >> gutsy. heart.
11:56 pm
he made a few mistakes but he kept playing the next play. kid's got a lot of resolve. unbelievably proud of him. >> tom: what do you hope jameis winston learns watching this football game tonight? >> to continue to make great decisions and keep growing up. you know, we all -- we treat them like children, we have to punish him. we'll move on and he's got to learn and because he's still -- he makes mistakes but he's still a good young man, okay? we all grow. >> tom: nation's longest winning streak still intact. congratulations. let's go to sean maguire and heather. >> heather: could you have imagined, 72 hours ago when you got the call on wednesday, that this would happen? gl this is the craziest feeling in my life. >> heather: what has the last 72 hours been like? >> it's been hectic. i got to thank jameis.
11:57 pm
he's been with me the whole time. stayed with me in the inside facility for more than three hours every night until 10:00, 11:00 night. this whole team -- this is awesome. >> heather: after you made the 74-yard pass to rashad greene, jameis ran fastest down to you. what did he say to you in that moment? >> he just said, i love you, i knew you could do it. everything. i can't thank him enough. >> heather: so much pressure and adversity in this game. how did you keep your composure and handle this moment? >> there was a lot of adversity. a lot of miscommunication, obviously, with my first time being out there, so we overcame it at a whole team. i can't thank the o-line. our offense -- everyone just overcame the adversity. i made a couple of mistakes, but they picked me up, the defense picked me up. it was awesome. >> heather: enjoy this one. congrats. >> chris: first time starting
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quarterback. felt nothing like a fairy tale most of the night for maguire. he made his mistakes, as he admitted, but in the end, the seminoles come out on top. karlos williams, he hadn't done anything running the ball all night until overtime. >> kirk: they're minus 12 in rushing, they run for 25 yards in the overtime period. what a great cut-back there by karlos williams, a play designed to the right. he felt the flow, the slant from that defensive line. see him angling to the left. he felt that right away with that vision and his acceleration, he's able to get to the corner. but let's talk about sean maguire, because williams scores the touchdown, but sean maguire's the story. everything he's been through. the mistakes he made in this game as a first-time starter. he kept fighting. kept his team in the game. in the fourth quarter, despite some mistakes, and the noles find a way to win. and in a weird way, this week,
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for a team that's the defendi i national champion, it may have a way of bringing them together. and this could be a real turning point for this football team to bring them together. >> chris: the noles found a way to win. clemson found a way to lose. outgained florida state by almost 100 yards. we talked again and again, and the tone was set very early with missed opportunities to score touchdowns. to kick field goals. the disastrous play when they were four inches away from the goal line. the bad snap sets them back. you get in the red zone seven times against this defense in their ballpark and you only come out with what they did on the scoreboard, 17 points, not nearly good enough. >> chris: not >> kirk: not at all. once the game went back and forth and got into overtime, with the way their field goal kicking was going, it's going to be a game that dabo swinney and chad morris will go back and, on one hand, i think they found their quarterback for the rest of this year in deshaun watson.
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on the other end, the number one team in the nation was on the ropes and they couldn't capitalize on a lot of golden opportunities deep in florida state territory. >> chris: kicks made and missed have decided so many games down here. sometimes it's not just the kickers making or missing. it's the decisions you can make, because you trust your kicker. swinney went for it in overtime, it backfired. >> kirk: it sure did. the other thing about this is, talking a lot about the mistakes clemson made. florida state's whole defense deserves credit for keeping them in this game and forcing some of the errors clemson made. >> chris: without their leader and the heisman quarterback, the seminoles do find a way to survive in overtime, 23-17. their 19th consecutive win. next saturday night, 8:00 p.m. on abc, notre dame meets syracuse under the lights at met life stadium in new jersey. today's game, produced and directed. for kushg, heather and tom, chris fowler saying good night
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from tallahassee, where maguire and the seminoles win it in overtime. the ford wrapup show right now, with robert flores. >> chris, thank you. number one put to a severe test just moments ago. number two is being put to the test right now, as we speak, on espn. number two oregon, taking on washington state on the road. we pick this one up, tied at 14. marcus mariota to allen. second time this combo's worked for a touchdown. but washington state comes right back. connor halladay. we're tied at 21, late first half. you can see it on espn or the watch espn app. mississippi state hadn't beaten lsu since 1999. but third quarter, zach prescott. to jaken lewis. 74-yard touchdown, and the bulldogs have a 31-10 lead. in death valley, on saturday night.
12:02 am
drive home safely, folks. but check this out. lsu comes back. fourth quarter, down just 12. brandon harris. up top to dupree. 31-yard score. here come the tigers. it's not a one-possession game. five seconds to go. hail mary time. prayer not answered. picked off by will redmond. mississippi state wins it. it's their first win in baton rouge since 1991. from the s.e.c. to the big 12. oklahoma visiting west virginia. late first half. after west virginia had just scored, alex ross. now, the mountaineers thinking, hey, we're going to go in up at least seven -- but alex ross had different ideas. we're tied at 24. 242 yards, four touchdowns. first oklahoma player with at least 200 rushing yards since adrian peterson in 2004. oklahoma wins it 45-33.
12:03 am
back to the s.e.c., florida and alabama. first quarter, blake sims to amari cooper. maybe he's a heisman fron runter right now. cooper set school records for career touchdowns with 20. this one typied the game at 14. then sims to cooper. this time, in the fourth quarter. the tide rolled up 645 yards worth of offense. that's the most yards allowed in florida history. cooper had three touchdowns. alabama wins it 42-21. texas a&m, kenny hill and company. going outside the conference, going outside college station. in dallas. taking on smu. first quarter, now, this is a busted play. kenny hill meant to hand it off. instead, he keeps. breaks a couple of tackles. good for a 50-yard gain. he had 265 yards through the air. that's a season low for him. did throw a couple of touchdowns. here's one of them to josh
12:04 am
reynolds. also tlulhrew a pick. texas a&m wins it 58-6. huge win for indiana, on the road, taking on number 18 missouri. under 30 seconds to go. deangelo roberts. how does it feel? and indiana has the lead. but missouri has one last chance. matty mauk to marcus murphy, but that is well short of anything they needed. and it's the hoosier's first win over a ranked team since 2006. they win 31-27. nebraska, ten better than miami, 41-31 in lincoln. speaking of the big ten. time to put melvin gordon in the heisman conversation. gordon, 13 carries, 253 yards, five touchdowns. wisconsin wins it 68-17. badgers, a school record 644 yards worth of rushing.
12:05 am
michigan falls at home to the utah utes, 26-10. and michigan state hangs 73 on eastern michigan, 73-14. the spartans and the wolverines mean october 25th. virginia outgained byu 519 to 332. but they didn't win. taysom hill. pressured. escapability. to mitchell jergens. three total touchdowns for hill. byu wins, 41-33. they're 4-0 for the first time since 2008. that's it. we'll see you next weekend.


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